Effective information about education management information system

In fact educational management information system is the excellent institutional service in unit producing, disserminating the educational, managing and information. This system is usually within the Department of Education or National Ministry. Actually it is the repository of processing, data collection, analyzing and reporting of the educational information such as teachers, students, schools and staff. In fact education management information system is also known as the EMIS and it is widely used by the most of the people such as

  • NGOs
  • Ministries of education
  • Researchers
  • Donors
  • Other kinds of the education stakeholders

This kind of the people is using this information for research purpose, decision making, policy and planning, evaluation and monitoring.

education management information

To know about the life cycle of education management information system

In fact life cycle of education management information system is following the annual process such as

  • Data reporting
  • Data processing
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Collection

When it comes to the data collection then the process involves survey instrument design, collections and distribution of data to schools. At the same time data processing involves in more numbers of the activities such as processing, organizing, cleaning and checking of data. In fact this system is the key requirement to governments to evaluate and monitor the progress towards education for all and millennium development goals targets. Calculation, aggregation and interpretation are usually involved in the data analysis. This platform is available in different kinds of scope, size and capability but most of the system is usually involving in some standard modules like teachers, schools, students, finances, enrollments and graduates, buildings and infrastructure, textbook and resources. There are huge numbers of the agencies are mostly involved in the dissemination and collection statistics on the school education. In National level there are three major agencies are there that might collect the education statistics on the regular basis. In fact EMIS was organized by the group of documentation and information service which collects and disseminate information for education planning and management. This kind of the information is used to make indicators and it monitors the performance of education system and allocations of the resources and services. If you surf about EMIS then surely you can about this system in detail.

Useful information about primary components of EMIS

In fact huge numbers of the primary components are associated with the EMIS such as student records, student information, academic record keeping, integrated curriculum management, integrated learning management and teacher related information which includes performance test records. This kind of system is mostly used by the governments and huge educational entities. Certain countries are providing the education related data like student examination performance, teacher performance, school infrastructure and improvement survey results. It is also using some strategies and technique to improve the education system. Some countries are providing the educational related data according to hoc surveys or school census. In fact commercial example of the EMIS is GoSchool and it is the project which was developed in Argentina.